Naming of the Court House Annex



May 11, 2021

Commissioner Zembower stated he is happy to introduce the procedure that they adopted some months ago, but before he goes down that road and entertains that and goes through the effort, he just wants to see what the flavor of the Board is related to this next topic.  He does not know how many of the Commissioners know Justice James Perry who is from this area.  He was the first African American judge in Seminole in the 18th District Court and he was also a Supreme Court Justice here in the State of Florida from their district.  The Commissioner indicated he would like to see what the Board’s thoughts are about possibly naming the courthouse after Justice Perry.  He would like to see what the flavor or temperature might be before he goes down the road of doing all the documentation that is being required and formally bringing that forward.  Ms. Guillet asked if he is talking about the Annex and he replied that he is.  Chairman Constantine said it is worth discussion, and Commissioner Dallari added he has no issues with it.  Commissioner Herr stated she will be abstaining from the discussion but seemed to recall something about people being alive versus passed away.  Commissioner Lockhart stated Judge Perry is a wonderful man and she thinks very highly of him and is always happy to honor someone like that.  She does not know if naming a building is the best way to do it at this stage of the game, but she is fine if staff wants to bring something specific forward.  Commissioner Zembower stated he will file the appropriate paperwork and get it to staff to bring it forward.

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