Why I am seeking reelection…

November 4, 2021

Dear Seminole County Neighbor,

I was honored to be elected to the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners three years ago this month.  I am pleased to announce my seeking reelection to a second term in 2022 to the Seminole Commission.  One of my primary goals during the next term is to continue our work to protect our environment, control overdevelopment and protect our rural and natural lands.

  It is imperative to apply best business practices and experiences to local government on behalf of the citizens to preserve the quality of life for future generations.  I am proud of Seminole County’s record as being regarded as one of the best run local governments in Florida.  I am also aware what makes Seminole County so highly regarded is its involved citizens, businesses and volunteers.

Seminole County’s population currently is just under a half million people. Extrapolating from the most recent US Census data, it is predicted to rise another 50% to 750,000 residents by just 2040.  It is imperative we take appropriate measures to plan now for how we accommodate the future needs for generations to come. I will be working to update our master planning to promote quality development in the right place in the appropriate manner. This includes working with Seminole County’s seven cities Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, Lake Mary, Longwood, Sanford, Oviedo and Winter Springs to assure they are in the best position with infrastructure and services to accommodate the expected growth. I will continue to advocate for joint planning agreements between the governments of the cities and the County as the path for best accomplishing this.

Focus on redevelopment opportunities in the county’s urban areas to prevent urban sprawl into areas that are environmentally sensitive lands and prime wildlife areas in the Wekiva and Econ River basins.  We need to continue expansion of our trail systems to additional communities within our county such as the Sanford and Midway areas and to Casselberry.  We need to continue the focus on connectivity to our schools and higher density developments to our outstanding trails and parks. 

I am determined to maintain Seminole County as among the lowest property tax rates of the seven Central Florida counties and that for special infrastructure costs we always ask the voters for their approval.  While keeping taxes low, Seminole County is consistently recognized statewide for its quality roads, trails, natural lands and parks.  We need our leaders to keep to that high standard.

We all are aware of the national news reports defunding the police efforts and the rising crime and lawlessness in so much of America.  I am proud of my support for funding for Seminole Sheriff’s Office and interdepartmental cooperation among the city’s police departments.  Keeping our families and neighborhoods safe is a commitment I will continue to honor.

Furthermore, I will continue to work the great relationships with our regional governmental partners in Central Florida to focus on transportation needs that are coordinated and properly planned in the urban areas for improving our citizens ability to travel more efficiently through the region.

Let me leave you with one thought.  As my guiding principle, I will work to keep your Seminole County government addressing the critical needs of our community without being intrusive into our citizens lives or livelihoods.      

Sincerely yours,

Jay Zembower

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